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Brooklyn-based Chinese Bai ethnic artist, designer, and creator. Qiaosen Yang earned a bachelor of fine art degree in graphic design from The University of Central Missouri in late 2018. After three years of working experience as a full-time graphic designer in China, Qiaosen attended The Pratt Institute in New York City in 2021. Through continuing working and exploring in the art and design field, Qiaosen Yang is honored by organizations, foundations, and government departments. Qiaosen earned two times The Dorothy Hawksley Emerging Artists title from Mid-Missouri Artists Inc., The <Golden Phoenix> arts and crafts national exhibition-National Golden Reward from The Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute, etc. Qiaosen was invited by The China Academy of Art to attend the 2019 Asia Design Forum as visiting scholar designer. Qiaosen's work was presented in the forum. Multiple successful collaborations were built between clients and Qiaosen Yang. Qiaosen’s ability to deliver effective designs is recognized by well-established corporations such as IFeng News and the Vanke. At present, Qiaosen Yang is the academic secretary of the Yunnan Graphic Designer Association and a The Pratt institute Master of Fine Arts candidate who emphasizes in sculpture.

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